The Importance Of Class In Advertising

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Class is Key Manipulating individuals is a very key aspect in advertising. Like puppet masters controlling puppets, corporations and businesses today take advantage of advertisements to influence American society. As advertisements like this increase people receive the false hope that by purchasing specific products they can achieve the happiness and lifestyle of the images or people portrayed within the add. The Baume and Mercier watch advertisement interests me because it portrays itself as one solely selling timepieces. On the other hand, the bigger picture behind the advertisement exposes how the power of class has a great impact on the consciousness of American society today. The Graphics within this watch advertisement suggests the importance of buying a specific product in order to transform your social status. The Baume and Mercier watch advertisement portrays a man and a woman in a seemingly successful relationship. Due to the physical closeness between the two individuals, one can assume that the advertisement is implying men with these watches are able to achieve relationships with woman. Advertisements with pictures like these give the notion that one must purchase watches or certain items in order for women to like you. People are tricked into believing that this is the social …show more content…
The main lesson that is being expressed through this add is that the path to a fulfilling life is no longer about enjoying its experiences; but about status, purchasing nicer and better items and trying to be superior to the next person for having those material possessions. Advertising acts as a destructive force that deteriorates people’s self confidence in oneself by incorporating techniques such as emotional manipulation and false

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