The Battling Of E Books Essay

1310 Words Oct 14th, 2016 6 Pages
As the new generation of technology comes in our society, the use of electronic books increases as companies create electronic devices, such as iPads and Kindles, for easy access to buy books. In the education system, teachers are wondering whether to use electronic books for the classroom. With this debate between printed books and electronic books, many sources have argued about whether e-books are efficient and effective in the classroom. Do they create a benefit or a burden for learning? Three different sources will talk about e-books in different forms. Melanie Wises and Giselle du Plessis’ article, “The battling of e-books”, explores how students find e-books effective in the library. Jonathan Bunkell’s presentation, “E-books vs. print”, lists the benefits of e-books compared to printed books. The last article is Bridget Dalton‘s article, “E-text and E-books are changing the Literacy Landscape”, informs readers about the accomplishments of technology for the educational system. These three articles create a positive appraisal that will not only teach my audience about e-books, but will also persuade college teachers to allow e-books in the classroom for educational purposes.
In order to understand why these specific sources are used to support that allowing e-books in the classroom, the authors must know about e-books and have experience with them. Melanie Wiese is an associate professor and Giselle du Plessis is a lecturer in the Department of Marketing Management in…

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