Essay on The Battle Of Yorktown And The Revolutionary War

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The Battle of Yorktown
Throughout the beginning of time, the American people have seen many different and damaging battles. All battles have cost the United States the lives of numerous soldiers, have been extremely costly, and made foreign enemies. The Battle of Yorktown was a battle that, for the Revolutionary war, was a turning point for the United States. The battle started on September 28, 1781 and lasted until October 19, 1781. The campaign for the United States to achieve their independence from Great Britain was the leading event that started the battle.
Starting on April 19, 1775, George Washington and the Revolutionary Army started their campaign for separation and independence from Great Britain. The British, led by Major General Lord Cornwallis had just seized Yorktown and Gloucester, two towns on each side of the York River. Three years prior, the United States (U.S.) and the French signed a treaty of alliance. Until the campaign to siege Yorktown, the U.S. and the French had never fought in a war together. The U.S. and French planned a two-way attack, one by land and one by sea. George Washington himself fired the first cannon to start the bombardment of Yorktown against General Cornwallis and the British Army. In the fall of 1781, on September 26, General George Washington and his army of 7,800 Frenchmen, 3,100 militiamen and 8,000 Continentals amassed on the northern end of the Chesapeake Bay along with a large supply of artillery and siege weaponry…

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