Essay about The Battle Of The War

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The war in Europe was successful for the Allied powers due to three main factors: the surprising level of resistance of the Soviet army, the vast amount of American war supplies, and the success of the Allied air power. Adolf Hitler even agreed that the German army ran into so many issues due to the fact that they were less prepared with their Air Force. There were two battles that became decisive in securing victory for the Allied powers. The Battle of Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge both showed the military prowess of the American and British forces. The Battle of Normandy was able to show their offensive capability, while the Battle of the Bulge showed their defensive capability. The resistance portrayed by the Soviet or Red Army in the form of the Battle of Stalingrad is seen to be one of the greatest conflicts of the war by many historians. The Battle of Stalingrad is also a clear example of the concept of “Total War” as it was unrestricted in terms of the objectives pursued, especially one in which the “laws of war” are disregarded. It holds one of the highest level of casualties, civilian and militaristic. The plan to surround and crush the Soviet forces was reminiscent of Hannibal’s destruction of a Roman army. The Soviets were not willing to give up the city that held the name of their dictator, nor was Adolf Hitler willing to give up the victory as it would be strategic in their path towards domination. The Red army was able to supply their troops…

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