Essay on The Battle Of The War On The World War II

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Fierce patriotism combined with the idealism of masculinity involved with defending one’s country were initial major causes of enlistment in WWII, but as the war progressed, soldiers turned their focus and reasons for fighting to their comrades, as well as the resentment towards the enemy.
Nationalism peaks during the time of crisis, specifically if there is a common enemy to rally against as a nation. This was the case during WWII, where the people were unified more than they had ever been against such an enemy. The Germans, Italians, and the Japanese were seen and portrayed as savages sent to dismantle society as it was known. This view began immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. Outrage at the brazen and unexpected attack on American soil sparked a movement across the nation to defend their land and people against the nations who had no remorse nor respect for human life. The United States declared war on Japan on December 8th, and in holding up their alliance to Japan, Germany and Italy declared war on the US on the 11th (OpenStax, 797.) Influxes of volunteers and enlistments came flooding in, most of which young men eager to join the efforts. Fierce patriotism gripped the nation as it never had before. Thousands were personally and directly affected by the attack. One of which was John Garcia, who was seventeen at the time and wished to enlist. “I wrote a letter to President Roosevelt. I told him I was angry at the Japanese bombing and had…

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