The Battle Of The Sun Essay

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The sun is high in the sky and it seemed the hours ceased to pass underneath stifling heat of the day. Through the ringing sounds of axes and saws can be heard over the normal sounds of the wooded forest. The men walk silently, afraid the sound of the warning bell would be lost to them and their enemy would find them unaware and unprepared. Throughout their history the Vytakans have preyed upon the skills the Eustia woodsmen have learned and perfected over many centuries, through secrets passed down from generation to generation. They come in the night , never the same way, never the same way, they come for the men and the boys, for the apprentices and the masters, and the priests and the elders. They are an ever present threat, always watching yet never there, the villages and camps are always moved, the scouts captured or killed, and the ever present stench of fear, the people had given up hope that this would ever cease. The fear that one night they would be awakened by the sound of battle cries and the chilling sound of the hell hounds. The bloodthirsty canines made of fire and death, bound by a sorcerers magic to be the outreaching demons of fear and grief. The night of the Summer Solstice was one such night, and it became a scarred night for many. The sun had set peacefully and the village was asleep. When the moon was at its peak the change of guards signaled the concealed vytakans that the time for attack had come.
Their battle cries woke the village as the…

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