Essay about The Battle Of The Sexes

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The battle of the sexes has been an ongoing debate within the realm of athletics. Men are viewed as the stronger sex, able to accomplish whatever challenge is placed before them. Due to their muscular frame and overall, larger build, American society tends to view the male body as a beautiful machine. A machine that is able to provide for a family as well as excel in physical activities. Women on the other hand, have continuously been considered a weaker and more delicate gender. This is partly due to the fact that women have smaller physiques and traditionally have been banned from participating in contact sports.
Contact sports arouse violence, which was an emotion only men were privileged to experience. Women needed to be protected from such unladylike emotions and this allowed benevolent sexism to prohibit women from the world of sports. If a woman were to play an aggressive sport, it could challenge the idea of masculinity. It could also begin to defy gender roles, which was a conversation many individuals were not prepared to have. Women had a place within American society and for a large portion of history their place was in a kitchen and not on a sports team. Before advocates such as Billie Jean King, women played sports that protected them from strain and injury while downplaying competiveness in order to prepare them for their role as a proper woman in society. Billie Jean King learned about the inequities towards women within sports at an early age. Her…

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