Essay about The Battle Of The Crusades

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The crusades is a sequences of revolutionary actions that started back in the eleventh century going through in the late thirteen century. In general the crusades was basically about a mixture between religious awareness and military initiatives. In Europe the Christians were impatient to take back Jerusalem which is known as their holy land. The church had the power to Knights, Chiefs and even Popes that were impatient to transfer their religion to other nations. The Islamic militaries were full of power an energy and took over North Africa and most of Spain.
When the first crusade started, a request came from Pope Urban II to the Christian armies to go fight against the Muslim armies in the holy land, Jerusalem. When the first crusade captured Jerusalem in the 1099, attacking Christians established numerous Christian states. Even some Muslims in the state promised to carry on with the holy war, in order to take control again over the region. The decline affairs between the crusaders and Christian supporters that are located in the Byzantine Empire reached to the highest peak in the pouch of Constantinople during the third Crusade. Coming to an end of the thirteen century, the Mamluk dynasty raised in Egypt came up with final evaluation for the crusaders, and in 1291 they kicked out the Europeans out of Palestine.
As a result of the eleventh century, the Western Europe became a remarkable power by its own but still lagged other civilization which one of them is the…

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