The Battle Of The Cold War Essay examples

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The allied powers were the Soviets, the United States, and the British. It is very hard to believe that they were allies because these countries all had different economic visions and they all seeked for control and power. These differences is what cause the dispute, which ended in the Cold War. The main cause for the Cold War was for these allies all having different visions on post-war Europe. This war made us face a lot of deaths, loss of foods, loss of shelter, and a loss of peace.
Tensions between the United States, France, and Britain sent their troops to and useful resources to the White Russians so that they could take down the Bolsheviks who were communists. Even with the help with troops and resources, the White Russians were defeated and now, the United States, France, and Britain were all hated by the Russian Bolsheviks. While World War 11 was currently happening, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor unexpectedly, and killed many Americans. This led United States to enter into World War 11 with the USSR and Britain to take down Germany and Germany’s allies. Before World War 11, there was an alliance between the USSR, the United States, and Britain, even though none of these countries were could actually trust on another. These countries were only allies because they had the same goal, and did not like the same people, and these people were Nazi Germany. As time went on, there was an obvious vision that Britain and the United States were on one side, and the USSR…

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