The Battle Of The Civil War Essay

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Images and discussions of the Civil War focus on the battles and the hardship back east. The burnt out husks of the Old South and bodies of soldiers lie strewn on the ground in black and white photos from the era. Movies romanticize large white columns and women in corallines swearing that they will never go hungry again. While school books will touch some on the Board War between Kansas and Missouri, they leave out the ripple effects of the war on the Indian Territory, and those who have been forced or chose to settle there. It may be that it is forgotten due it being hard to believe that there would be an embracing of more pressure in the already rough struggle to survive in this unforgiving environment. Hunger is already a fact of life; death faces down the inhabitants every morning. Native American and white settler all share this common memory of struggle, and loss in these times. Union, or Confederate, their crimes against each other and those around them echo throughout the ages. In these series of interviews, small snippets of this time during great struggle and pain, reveal the effects of the war upon these people. They are the voices that speak through time. These are the some of the witnesses. Jennie McCoy Chambers is one of these witnesses. Born to a mother who took the Trail of Tears from Alabama, her family knew an intense pain of loss. Her rancher father settles his family near Claremore within the Cherokee Nation. As Union sympathizers they feel the need…

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