The Battle Of The Civil War Essay

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At the start of the civil war, neither side was particularly ready for the war. Based on their preparation and organizational skill, the North appeared to have a slight logistical advantage over the South. Montgomery Meigs played a large part in the advantage that the Union in the North had over the Confederate leaders and forces.
As the war began the United States was not ready, “The country was less ready for what proved to be its biggest war than for any other war in its history” (McPherson 313). The army officer corps was decimated by secession, “Nearly a third of its officers were resigning to go with the South” (McPherson 313). Of the Union army it was said, “The army had nothing resembling a general staff, no strategic plans, no plans for mobilization” (McPherson 313). The navy was not much better; however, there were some positives, “the large merchant marine from which an expanded navy would draw experienced officers and sailors was overwhelmingly northern” (McPherson 313). The navy also had a great leader, Gideon Welles, “And the Navy Department, unlike the War Department, was blessed with outstanding leadership” (McPherson 313). “By the end of 1861 more than 260 warships were on duty and 100 more were under construction” (McPherson 314). Although the North started later than the South they would enjoy a manpower edge for most of the war, “the actual Union manpower superiority was about 2.5 to 1” (McPherson 322). Like the South the Union had a problem…

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