The Battle Of The Civil War Essay

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From April in 1861 to the spring in 1865, a war was fought between the Union and Confederate states of America. It was a bloody battle resulting in a total death estimate of 620,000 men, and is believed to be responsible for the most militaristic deaths in American wars. After 10 bloody battles and the end of the Civil War, the United States was introduced to new military innovations and strategies, African American slaves being freed and entering society as citizens, and the changing of minds about the equality of all men and unalienable rights. Throughout the war, a huge shift occurred in the battle fields with the introduction of a revolutionary item, the Minié Ball. Before it was used in the battle field, the amount of time it took to load a rifle with a bullet was unbearable, having to jam the bullet inside the barrel and fire the musket in close quarter combat was a death wish, which is why it wasn’t ideal to use it in combat situations. The Minié Ball, made by a French army officer named Claude-Etienne Minié, was shaped as a cylinder, with a conical point and a hollow base containing an iron plug. It had a diameter smaller than that of the barrel, making it easier to load even in the harshest conditions. Making it more efficient for use in war. Later, American armies adopted the new bullet into their battles. It greatly increased accuracy and eliminated the need for CQC since its range varied from 200-250 yards, making bayonets obsolete and the use of cavalry or…

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