The Battle Of The Ants By Henry David Thoreau Essay

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Henry David Thoreau’s, “The Battle of the Ants, was published in 1854 in Thoreau’s famous book “Walden”. The purpose of the essay is to compare human’s war with animals’ war with the major similarities of the conflicts and consequences. The entire situation of the human’s assaults begins with several types of conflicts, for instance, ideological change, self- determination, national control, and resources. Similarly, animals’ battles are quit same as compared to human’s battle such as conflicts for the ownership of lands, foods, and water resources. The aftermaths of the human’s war leave the signs of devastated buildings, spread fleshes, and lamented of families for their loved ones. Whereas, the clues of animals’ battles can be easily identified by their rotten bodies and skeletons. Although, all the aspects of conflicts and aftermaths are almost identical except one that is the understanding of the cause conquer either it was needed to begin or not? However, I argue that we should learn from the animals that human’s war should not be the end of decisions and it should be solved by the understanding of the scarifies of our national heroes, minimizing the conflicts that lead to war, and dialogues on the international levels for the human rights. The time of joy of victory and grief of losing family members become so much confusing for the people who survived after the war that they cannot imagine the sacrifices of the soldiers into the battlefields. As the writer…

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