Essay about The Battle Of The American War

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The American War was the bloodiest war fought by the American people, beyond the sheer numbers of dead and maimed it was also one of three, perhaps four, wars fought on American soil. Estimates vary, but somewhere in the ballpark of 600,000 soldiers lost their lives and countless others were wounded. The battles weren’t in some far off land, but in cornfields and towns across America and the impact of the Union victory shaped the United States into what it is today. For all of its carnage the war still raged for four years and the ranks of both armies were filled predominately by volunteers. Men who were willing to put down their plows and pick up muskets, drill for countless hours, marched hundreds of miles only to stand within yards of their enemies and exchange volleys of fire. What possessed these men to march into the hell of battle again and again? Chandra Manning, James McPherson, and Gary Gallagher offer their opinions of these soldiers’ motivations in their novels about the Civil War. Soldiers fought for various reasons, and every one of them slightly different than the other, but the overarching reason that soldiers fought was for the preservation of the Union, the continuation of the Southern way of life, for duty, and for their respective liberty. It is important to differentiate between why the Civil War was fought as a whole and why the individual soldier chose to fight it. The Civil War was fought on the grounds of slavery, if not directly that as a…

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