The Battle Of The American Civil War Essay examples

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Civil War Research Paper During the American Civil War , there was many strengths and weaknesses on the North and the South side. The North most definitely outweighed the South in almost every way possible. The confederacy had nearly 22 million people that lived in the 23 Northern states. The south had only about 9 million people , this was including the around 3.4 million slaves , in only 11 states. Starting there, the confederacy had already one up on the union. Despite the amount of people on each side, there was many different strengths and weaknesses. The South 's greatest strength lay in the fact that it was fighting on the defensive in its own territory. That caused them to be familiar with the landscape and new their surroundings better than the North 's. North was a much stronger and trained army as a whole. One reason they were stronger was because they had a lot more soldiers that were very well trained. All of the soldiers went through and attended military school. The aftermath of the soldiers attending military school, caused them to know a lot more and fight a lot better. The south was also trained to have very good hunting skills. Hunting skills was a huge factor and North didn 't have much of that. Hunting skills didn 't only get them more food, but it helped their fighting skills also. Another advantage South had on North was they were fighting a defensive war. The South also knew the territory they were fighting on better…

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