The Battle Of The Afrika Korps And The British Essay

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However, Ultra was able to obtain a picture of Rommel’s tank’s strength in Africa. So, this allowed the Allies to learn of the strength and the possibility of fighting the Afrika Korps and if they could defeat them (Murray). Knowing that information gave the Allies the ability to prepare for a battle that could occur between the Afrika Korps and the British. Finally, the attack on Alexandria was a victory for the Allies and for Ultra. The Army commander was using Ultra and was able to find out everything about Rommel’s final attack on Alexandria, Egypt. Even though Rommel’s attack was delayed for a couple of days, it still occurred exactly as Rommel planned. Therefore, the Allies were able to defeat Rommel using all the information gathered in Ultra (Gladwin 214). On the other hand, there is still some speculation about the power Ultra held in this section of the war. Some historians think that it was the victory in the Mediterranean that allowed the Allies to be victorious, not Ultra. Also, that without the Anglo-American win, the Allies never would 've thought that they would be the North Africa Campaign (Duestch, “The Historical Impact…” 20). But, there is evidence that proves that Ultra did help in winning these battles.
Invasion of Normandy The information that was decoded by the Ultra program, impacted the victory of the Invasion of Normandy in a positively. The Invasion of Normandy was when the American, Canadian, and British troops simultaneously landed on five…

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