The Battle Of River Valley Civilizations Essay

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Ever since ancient times the humans have been depending on the climate and environment on where to create their civilizations and settle down. For a community develops a civilization there is many different elements that must come together. The first civilizations came about in the river of valleys. The for river valley civilizations were the world´s first and they all shared many characteristics. Humans most find land that can provide them with food, water and shelter. There were two main advantages that made humans create their civilization next to them: first because they provided a constant source of water for the crops, and they also offered the easiest method of transport that was available during this time era.
The first civilization that came about was the one along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in the Middle East and it was called Mesopotamia, which means the land between rivers. The Mesopotamian civilization started to form around 3500 BC and was created through regular trading between the cities around the Tigris and Euphrates which formed relationships between them. These cities joined together and with combined strength they started to irrigate the two rivers in order to make their dry land fertile. Through irrigation the Mesopotamian people increased their agricultural growth and their successful farming allowed the population to grow throughout their civilization. While the Mesopotamian soil was fertile the regions climate did not have much rainfall which…

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