Battle Of Longewala

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In battles military tactics outway brute force. The two major groups that were involved in the Battle of Longewala during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 were the Indians and the Pakistani. The Battle of Longewala took place on December 4-7 in the year of 1971. At 12:30 am the Pakistani forces engaged on the Indians by launching artillery fire at the one out post that the Indians had control of, only killing a few camels. The indians did not have enough time to prepare a minefield but quickly put down some anti- tank mines. The indian forces laid down fire as the tanks were coming closer. A few of the Indian soldiers hoped in a jeep with a gun mounted on the back and whet out and fired on the tanks that were stuck in the sand, damaging or …show more content…
As I was researching the topic I was finding that it was difficult to get accurate indepth information if I could find it at all because of how long ago it was. I decided that it would have been much more beneficial if I change my time period to something that was more recent because I figured that I would be able to get better information on the subject. I then looked up battles that were won against all odds, finding a website that make a list of about 20 of them allowing me to pick one. I decided on the Battle Longewala based on that it was so recent, taking place in the 1970s, and that I was so taken back at the numbers that the battle boosted. To my delight changing the topic did help because there is a lot more information that I will be able to use. The Battle of Longewala is important because it is a top of the notch example that military tactics can and most likely beat brute force. People should care about it because the battle shows how hope and not giving up can mean all the difference. If people read about this it just may have a lasting impact on them and the society that they live in because after reading about the Battle of Longewala they might feel more optimistic about life because they might realize that just because that odds

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