The Battle Of Little Big Horn Analysis

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The battle of Little Big Horn was a bloody battle that left many dead or wounded. Prior to the 1950’s, the leader of the federal troops, Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer was the center of attention when it came to the battle. Even though him and his men lost, they were still looked at as heroes. They represented what all people should strive to be like, brave and relentless in battle. Just because the Native Americans technically won the battle, it did not mean that Custer and his men were not victorious in any way. After the battle of Little Big Horn, everyone was impressed with Custer and his troops. The Hardin Tribune said that there was “No more gallant soldier, nor more stainless knight, ever drew sword than… George Armstrong Custer, and those who fell with him shared his courage and devotion as they shared his fate”
(Hardin Tribune 6/30/16:3). Another example of someone who was impressed with Custer was Governor Bonner, who said that Custer “’awakened our patriotism at a time when our fighting men are being called upon to make
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The first article looked at was “The School Days of an Indian Girl”. This other, Houghton, would most likely support post 1960’s interpretation of The Battle of Little Big Horn. The author depicts non-white races, Native Americans in particular, as capable human beings. Since the story is about a Native American girl and what she has to endure, it could be concluded that the author thought the Native Americans were treated unfairly. In one sentence Houghton writes that the little girl was yelling for her family. She says, “I pleaded; but the ears of the palefaces could not hear me” (Houghton 186). With this being said, prior to the 1950’s the Native Americans were not treated fairly, not given any recognition for The Battle of Little Big Horn. Later, they started being recognized more and eventially got their own monument. Houghton would be happy that the Native Americans were starting to be recognized as they should

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