Essay on The Battle Of Gender Inequality

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The battle of gender inequality has been a subject of argument for many years. The superiority of male over female and women being held down by men can be seen all over the history, from the beginning of human’s existence to the twenty-first century world. Women around the world have been seeking for the equality for decades, however, women’s lives always seem to somehow be connected to men around them. Females around the globe are not receiving appreciation for their accomplishments as much as men and that is count as a sort of inequality. Many articles and books have been written about genders’ inequality and Virginia Woolf is among those writers. Virginia Woolf, an English writer, is known for her modest feminist writings such as “A Room of One’s Own”. Virginia Woolf’s ideas of inequality are reasonably still relatable to the situation of the modern day because as she points out, men and females are victims of wrong culture and norms of the society and as long as people have the same old traditional point of view, the path to equality of both genders will not get any easier.
Although the unfairness and lack of quality between women and men is not the newest subject of argue, it will never get old as long as women are look down compare to men. By looking through the history, the gender roles such as being a daughter, wife, and mother of children have defined the women and they have always been oppressed down by the men around them such as father, brothers, and then the…

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