Essay The Battle Of Fort Sumter

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April 12,1862 wasn’t just an ordinary day, it was the first battle of Fort Sumter, officially known as the start of the war named as the “American Civil War”. This was indeed, a very bloody war, with many different aspects - such as what caused it, What were the main events and what was the outcome?

What Caused The Civil War?
A big, big reason why this war took place was the horrifying reality of “Slavery”. Abolitionists ( people who wanted to abolish slavery), especially in the North (whom they had an industrialized economy) saw that slavery was wrong, and wanted to free the oppressed slaves, to the point where they would just fight in order to free the slaves. Unlike the North which they had an industrial industry, the South however had an agricultural industry instead. They saw slaves as an easy and quick labor, and so they transported countless of individuals in Africa (388,000) right into America, which they claimed as slaves. While the political party known as the “Whig” we’re slowly fading into existence, members of this party which opposed slavery created a new party is called the “Republican Party”. The Republican’s representative,“ Abraham Lincoln” was miraculously elected in 1961, With him not even “appearing” in voting ballots in the South, this was indeed a miracle. Abolitionists and former slaves wrote many novels and articles, spreading their horrible experiences and encouraging the abolishment of slavery - Such as “David Walker” which he spreads and…

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