The Battle Of Collierville Civil War Essay

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This picture from the Battle of Collierville Civil War reenactment shows a young female child in a purple calico 1863 style dress holding a digital camera backwards, while intensely staring at the photographer who took this photo. In the background are two women and another female child all in dresses from the 1863 era. They are sitting on a quilt with a small basket. The women and second and second little girl, who is in a green calico dress, are all laughing and smiling at the young little girl before them who is unknowingly trying to use a digital camera backwards. Under the picture is a description of what is happening, "Anglia Sanders, Gillian Sanders, 6, and Shelly Autry laugh as Annalyse Sanders, 3, shoots a picture with the camera turned backwards while they wait for the battle to begin. Civil War re-enactors gathered just South of Collierville in Piperton to relive the Battle of Collierville." These re-enactors are waiting on the re-enactment of a battle between the North and South. While waiting they have brought a picnic to enjoy. Although they, the re-enactors are portraying life as it was in 1863 in Collierville, Tennesse, modern technology has snuck into their historical portrayal of the CivilWar. Trying to give an accurate representation for spectator 's at historical reenactments has become a battle with technology. While these re-enactors are dressed correctly and are even ready to enjoy a small picnic just as their ancestors might have one…

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