Essay on The Battle Of Atlantic During World War II

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The Battle of Atlantic was the longest and largest sea battle during World War II . World War II began on September 3rd 1939, two days after German forces stormed into Poland. The Battle of the Atlantic began shortly after the declaration of War, but there is no official date of commencement. The Battle did not end until the defeat of Germany in May of 1945. The Battle was between the Allied powers, Great Britain, Canada and the United States, and the Axis powers, Germany and Italy. Both forces were looking to take control over the Atlantic, as this would give the winning force control over the sea routes. The Allies wanted to keep these routes open to allow supplies and reinforcements to reach the frontlines and the Axis wanted to shut down these routes to stop the supplies from reaching their enemy. Canada’s Navy, Merchant Navy and Air Force played a central role in the outcome of the 6-year Battle. Canada’s primary concern was to keep the sea routes open, and this is where Canada put most of their troops . Canada was capable of playing such a vital role in the outcome of the Battle, as they were able to become one of the biggest Navies in the world. Not only did their increase in fleet size have an impact on the outcome but also so did the advancement in weaponry, the naval tactics used, Canada’s Merchant Navy and the increase in aircraft technology. By expanding the size of its fleet and by many Canadians joining the Navy, the RCN was able to keep the supply lines open…

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