The Battle Of An Overseas Deployment Essay

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Half of the battle of an overseas deployment is the deployment; the shooting, the IED’s and the constant state of awareness. The other half; the half not as evident, is transitioning home. Marines adopt a heightened sense of awareness for survival in a war zone. However, these adaptations cannot be forgotten once American troops return to home soil. Complications arise when Marines transition from an ever-evolving hostile environment back into a once familiarly known calm atmosphere. Problems occur with decision-making, anger control, and bonding with relationships again. American troops come home from a war zone and see nothing at home that reflects that Americans are dying in war. Novels about Operation Iraqi Freedom and the war on Iraq are idolizations of what civilians believe war is like. In Redeployment, the story is not an idolizations, it is demonstration of refreshing honesty.
In Phil Klay’s novel Redeployment, chapter one begins, “We shot the dogs. Not by accident” (1; ch. 1). It is obvious from the very first sentence that censorship is thrown out the window, this theme stay throughout the chapter. The style awakens every sense of excitement. By doing this, author Phil Klay demands the civilian reader to enter the mind of a Marine. As for the marine reader, Phil Klay undoubtedly connects with the lifestyle. Phil Klay told Business Insider writer, David Brooks, in an interview “ I knew a marine who had talked about the experience of shooting dogs…I thought it…

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