The Battle Of A Short Rebellion Essay

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It was not only the first major battle of the Union and Confederate Armies, but it was also the Union’s first loss. The battle took place on 21 July 1861 and it referred as the battle of Manassas, however, became known as the Battle of the Bull Run due to meander stream where the battle took placed named Bull Run. It is important to point out that the battle was in repercussion from the attack of the Confederates Armies at Fort Sumter on 12 April 1861 near Charlestown South Carolina, “this is known as the beginning of the Civil War.” As a result, then-President Abraham Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers to support the fight against the rebellion of the Confederate Army, to his surprise the number of volunteers surpassed that amount; however, the Union Army swelled with inexperienced volunteers while citizens were so naïve in regards to the effects a battle would bring, to the point that “innumerable civilians…followed the Union Army…to watch what everyone thought would be the climactic battle of a short rebellion”, disregarding the consequences the battle will have on them being so close to the battlefield. There was also the belief that the war would be over quick, one of the biggest issues leading to the loss of the battle was that, even though the Union volunteers surpassed the amount requested by the President, the vast majority of the volunteers were untrained on military tactics. General Irvin McDowell was the Commander for the Union Army while General Pierre…

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