Essay on The Battle For Civil Rights Religion

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From the landing on Plymouth Rock to the fight for civil rights religion has played a part in shaping the America we know today. It has been such a key player in the development of our country that it is hard to even picture America without its religious background. When taking a look into how religion has shaped America the impact can be seen in today’s family dynamics. The Roman Catholic religion has been a part of my family before even immigrating to the United States, and has stayed our practice through the modernization of America. Though I have seen myself move towards more Protestant views the remainder of my family have stuck strong to their catholic heritage. This is why I have decided to write on my families experiences with the Roman Catholic religion in America. With the interview of my stepfather, mother, and sister I have seen how the Roman Catholic religion has shaped my family’s experiences in America. The first individual interviewed was my stepfather whose experiences while growing up, and living in America have been shaped by the Roman Catholic religion. All members in my family were born into the Roman Catholic religion, and all excluding myself have chosen to still follow these religious believes. The first member I had the chance to interview was my stepfather Bill Vanaskie who had grown up in a prominent Roman Catholic community. To his knowledge up three generations before his had been practitioners of the Roman Catholic religion. He grew up in…

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