The Battle Between Good And Evil Essay examples

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The battle between good and evil is something writers use to guide their stories. Good versus evil is a common thematic topic within literature, especially early British literature. Good comes in many forms, most often through the actions of the protagonist, whereas evil presents itself in many forms, including inanimate objects. Authors tend to use religion as a basis for good and evil. Many aspects of British literature are representative of the battle between good and evil; the temptation of morals, the presence of magic, and heroes versus supernatural beings are all symbolic of the common battle between good and evil. In British literature, authors use Christianity as a guide for good and evil, and they all seem to interpret the battle in the same way. Many agree that “acting in a manner similar to God is good, while acting in a manner that goes against God and the commandments is bad” (Reaching for Virtue 132). During the time of these stories, Christianity began to move to other parts of the world and began to affect pagan stories, which explains why this topic is so common. Good and evil are always present in the same situation because “if there were no going astray, there would be no seeking for the right path” (Carus 439). Even though good and evil go hand in hand, early Christian poets make it so that good prevails in order to avoid contradicting the teachings in the Bible. In British literature, the protagonist usually faces some sort of…

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