The Battle Against Fast Food Essay

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Daniel Weintraub, in the article, “The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home” (2002), argues that parents, not outside influences, are responsible for the growing obesity epidemic in children and are in the best position to affect a positive change. Weintraub supports his claim by providing statistical, as well as personal, evidence to prove who’s overweight, why they’re overweight, and who’s in the best position to prevent it. The author’s purpose is to inform and persuade parents to reconsider the nutritional value of the food they are feeding their children in order to encourage parents to stimulate healthy lifestyles. The author writes in a formal tone for parents of school age children. Although Weintraub acknowledges that parents’ lack of responsibility is contributing to the increasing childhood obesity problem in America, he fails to take into account that marketing is the major factor.
The extensive issue is that advertisers are manipulating and taking advantage of children by incorporating fast food logos into their daily lives. But why are all these advertisements focused on the youth? David Barboza, writer of “If You Pitch It, They Will Eat” (2003), quotes Karlin Linhardt, the director of youth marketing at McDonald’s, who professes, “[Children are] the biggest market there is. [...] Kids 4 to 12 spend on their own wants and needs about $30 billion a year” (15). Being the largest, and most juvenile, group leaves them vulnerable to the assertions that…

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