Essay on The Bastille Fell Into The Control Of The Citizens

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and the Bastille fell into the control of the citizens. The fall of the Bastille became a great symbolic act of revolution to the French people. Ever since, July 14 has been a French national holiday, similar to the U.S. Fourth of July.” (Beck, Black, and Krieger 76). The French revolution also resulted in the death of thousands of which many were innocent and included Women/Children. These revolutions were only two of many that were caused by monarchy. Even Great Britain, a well-known monarchy today overthrew its monarch’s multiple times in the 17th century. As shown by history, monarchies are not successful over long periods of time as a group of people always suffers. Today, governments around the world have changed significantly. Many countries are republics/democracies, including some of the world powers. In fact, according to a list provided by the central intelligence agency, over 120 countries out of 196 of those officially recognized, have some form of a republic. It is clear that the idea of an ideal government has been altered throughout recent centuries. Many revolutions occurred against monarchies to instill democracies or democratic ideas, hardly vice-versa. For these reasons I believe that not every civilization will decline and fail as they are supported by a strong type of government that pleases most, if not all of its citizens.
The world we know today does have strong governments and advanced technology, but even if every country in the world lived in…

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