The Bass The River And Shelia Mant Analysis

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At the end of the story “The Bass, The River, and Shelia Mant” by W.D. Wetherell the narrator has to make a choice between probably the biggest bass he has ever had on his line and the girl he has been trying to impress all summer. Why would the narrator choose a fish over a gorgeous girl? Simple because fishing is the narrators passion, and during the summer he would spend a majority of his time fishing the river for bass. When he wasn’t doing that he would be casting his line for practice in his driveway, or tying the line to his springer spaniel to test its drag. Now you see the fish he had snagged while on the canoe rid with Shelia was extremely impressive. Not only was the largemouth bass huge but also it was powerful. Even with two people …show more content…
He made this choice because at the time he valued Shila’s opinion of him more then his own passion, and in the long run that turns out to be the wrong decision because Sheila leaves the concert with Eric Caswell in his Corvette. Later on the narrator sees his mistake in choosing Shila, because even though there will be pretty of fish and more girls he would never get another opportunity to catch that fish. He allowed himself to be influenced by another thus causing one of the major regrets in his life. Likewise my choice not to addition for the play was also an effect of listening to others and not myself. I did not addition for the play because I was told we would be moving and that a play would be too much for me. I believed what others said and that caused to date the biggest regret I have. The part was given to another girl who was in the program and I acted like it did not bother me. My family did not end up moving, so I would have been able to do the play. That is what leaves a sour taste in my mouth that I could have successfully played the part, and executed the role better then the other girl who’s singing voice was not as powerful as mine. I did learn from this experience that I should go for the things I wish to and not to let my suggestion or others hold me back. Both the narrator and I have big regrets of small things that happened because we allowed others to influence us.

“The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant” by W.D. Wetherell Is the story of a boy who must choose between his two loves Shelia Mant and fishing. At the end of the story he chooses the girl and lets go of the fish resulting in one of his biggest regrets. I believe the underlying theme of this story is to be true to ones self and not allow others to influence your actions. A lesson usually learned from experiences alike to those of the

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