Essay on The Basis Of Objectivity And Education

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On the Basis of Objectivity in Education
Free and public education has ever been the cradle of American liberties, if not the largest component to a free minded and intelligent community. It is the basis of fostering our strong federal democratic republic. However, our education system has been slowly misconstrued. Gerald Graff in his piece “Other Voices, Other Rooms” shows the rather consistent agenda and bias many teachers and professors let unknowingly into their classroom. James Loewen in his book, Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong, details the gaslit history textbooks that are filled to the brim with an overt patriotic prerogative to the detriment of objective information. It becomes more obvious that textbooks and school are too often plagued by the agenda held by the publishers and the instructors of a course which leads to an inadequate education among students. This harmful influence upon education disrupts one of the greatest things an American citizen can take pride in.
Our education shapes life, so if our education is biased, then lives of people are malformed. Both Loewen and Graff share a powerful concept; when unnecessary and unchallenged geo-political views are thrust into the minds of malleable students they often succumb to a subjective and tunnel-visioned view of events (Loewen 384-403, Graff 338-343). Graff (340) shows the human error of an agenda, while Loewen details the written failures (384-391.)…

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