Essay on The Basis Of Effective Motivation

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Introduction The basis of effective motivation seeks to bring out the best in other people. Therefore, a motivational leader views people with value and aspires to draw out the optimum level of enthusiasm from team members. Motivational principles assist the leader of an organization to develop people to reach their fullest potential and thus, when properly applied, motivation will create positive results within an organization. Furthermore, understanding the types and theories of motivation is essential to unleashing its power within an organization.
Motivation is crucial to any organization. Accordingly, many leaders have sought to describe what is motivation. Dr. Bartel (2016) describes motivation as, “The human force that initiates, guides and sustains goal-oriented behaviors. It is what causes humankind to act to fulfill desired goals.” In other words, motivation is the force within a person that compels him to do what he or she wants to do. John Adair (2009) asserts, “A man or woman is motivated when he or she wants to do something” (p. 1). Therefore, motivation is the art of getting people to want to do what is needed. Motivation does not force a person to do something against their will, but it does cultivate within the person the will to do what is needed. Accordingly, motivation serves as a key ingredient for success within an organization. When properly applied, motivational principles such as, appreciation, communication, and attainable…

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