The Basis For All Effective Interventions Essay

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Assessment is the basis for all effective interventions (Baldwin &Walke, 2005). It is a process by which information is gathered such as; problems, strengths, risks, and needs (Teater, 2010). It is, according to Thompson (2005), something that creates an overview of a situation otherwise known as a ‘helicopter vision’. He further states that the process should be holistic in nature in an effort to gather a clearer picture of risks and needs. In relation to this case study, various theories could be used to inform assessment (Social systems theory), provide assessment (Exchange model) with intervention being a combination of task centred approach and direct payments. In other words demonstrating eclectic use of theory.
Social systems theory (SST), according to Teater (2010) enables social workers to broaden their view of the service user’s problems and allows them to determine where intervention should be focused. Thompson (2000) claims that it is through the use of theory that practitioners can work in inclusive and anti-oppressive ways with service users. Teater (2010) further posits that using theory helps predict, explain, assess, and provides rationale for the social worker. In addition, Payne (1997) states that SST helps practitioners to be clear about what they are doing and why they are doing it. According to Forder (1976), it has the capacity to provide a model of goal directed behaviour which is relevant to this case study and social work in general. However, this…

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