The Basis Behind Hume And Everything That He Teaches Is Very Simple

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The basis behind Hume and everything that he teaches is quite simple. Hume is telling people that they must acknowledge the fact that scientific knowledge or knowledge in general is not quite what people think it is. It is not secure. This idea is thought provoking and very scary. This is telling people that they must throw out much of what they believe to be true and begin to question it. Knowledge is not always what people believe it to be. Hume based his teachings on skepticism rather than rationalism. Rationalism was unacceptable to him.
Hume’s skepticism is pretty hard to wrap my mind around. He is teaching that our minds naturally associate the past with the present and future. He believes that as individuals we seek uniformity in life. Science is an excellent way for us are intelligent life forms to automatically find likeness in science. This allows us to feel content without questioning. Throughout life I have definitely found comfort in uniformity and likeness. It eases the mind to associate events and people and such together. I have associated a lot in history together and even in my own daily life I assume people are the same because of things they do. My brain naturally associates the world together because it eases my mind to sort of file away issues as the same.
When Hume discussed uniformity and connections, it really caught my attention. The natural association of the mind is mind bending. To think that one makes these associations out of comfort, or…

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