Essay on The Basic Reason Of Living

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This being the 21st century and in a world where many people from different religions and social lives have come together religious harmony is key to world peace. The basic reason of living is deriving happiness which can only result from physical wellness and a relaxed sober mind. This in most societies is best brought out by religion. No religion is absolutely right and similarly no religion is absolutely wrong. All world religions may it be Christianity, Islam, Hindu and Buddhism have an element of truth in them. This may sound contradictory since something cannot be true and false at the same time. However if we concentrate on the better side of this is that we can have something to borrow from other religions for the betterment of our lives.
Religion can loosely be defined as an understanding of the universe an how to live within it as well as a reference to the ineffable beyond the natural. Dalai Lama believes that religion is the only tool that remains to control the disturbed state of the human mind. Dalai Lama believes it is wrong to fix your mentality on one religion since you will develop biasness towards other religions other than enjoy and benefit from the beauty of diversity. This does not mean that one has to abandon his own religion but rather accommodate some teachings of other religions for your wellbeing. “A mind which is biased, one that has not visualized the complete concept is not in a position to comprehend the reality. As a result any…

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