The Basic Psychological Needs Of Autonomy Essay

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As a summary of the article given to us, self determinisms or SDT is a theory that was created by Deci and Ryan stating that all humans, no matter the culture or background, have the need to do things on their own, competent, and to relate to a group of people. There are the basic psychological needs of autonomy, competences, and relatedness. People can be intrinsically motivated, or extrinsically motivated. In general, in an environment where needs are met, people are more intrinsically motivated, and they’re more likely to do things simply because they enjoy them. In environments where needs aren’t being met, people are more extrinsically motivated, and they may need to get rewards or avoid punishments to be more motivated. When people are more extrinsically motivated, they do not feel like they’re doing things by themselves and do not feel like they’re relating well to others. Those who become extrinsic may do this when their needs are thwarted. This factor can attribute to how likely a person is to be self regulated, which is a term used for a person capable of achieving and/or making adjustments accordingly to reach a goal. People who are intrinsically motivated tend to be those who are more likely to be self regulated, while people who are extrinsically motivated, are less likely to be self regulated. The assumption made with this theory is that all human beings are fundamentally intrinsically motivated, and that’s the optimal state. As humans babies, we are born…

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