The Basic Logic Model Of Positive Mental Health

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Aids Services Organizations are community based organization that provide support for people with HIV and AIDS. Majority of the services received are for people living with HIV and AIDS, however they offer support for families, friends as well as provide prevention tools. Services include family, individual counseling or referral for other resources. Mujeres Unidas Contra el Sida (Women United against AIDS) was started in 1994 in San Antonio, Texas. The agency was established as an outlet for Latinos women living with HIV and AIDS. Yolanda Rodriquez-Escobar noticed a need for support groups, created specifically for the Latino population. These women were all dealing with similar situations such as, isolation, cultural barriers and difficulites …show more content…
Positive Mental Health logic model (see Figure 1) will use the “If – then relationship. The model begins with resource inputs, outputs, and outcomes. The basic logic model begins with Resource Inputs and they are composed of program staff, evaluations, and other stakeholders. This program have the resources and inputs need to operate which include: Women United against Aids, ASOs, staff members, Ryan White, Financial resources, and community support. Using will the above support to create an output that include 12 month treatment plan. The 12 month plan will offer weekly in home, one on one counseling sessions. Counseling session will provide intervention techniques and coping skills for people. If the activities is accomplished then counseling session will be in the patient’s home with at least 1 group setting outing. Among the many outcomes and benefits HIV/AIDS people participating in this 12 month program will increase their knowledge of the effects of mental health on present, past, and future decision making abilities. If this benefit then it will impact the community by bridging the gap for people living with HIV/AIDS by providing opportunities for them to live happy, safe, and productive

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