Essay about The Basic Function Of Life On Earth

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Cells are the BASIC function of life on Earth. They are the fundamental unit of all living things. The cell is the smallest structure in the human body and has all the properties of be alive and being it 's own living thing and stem cells are the direct result of cells being their own living thing. The stem cell is stated to be “unspecialized cells that are thought to be able to reproduce themselves indefinitely and, under the right conditions, to develop into mature cells, e.g., nerve, skin, pancreas, with specialized functions.” (Champman) Currently there are specifically three possible sources of stem cell: Number one, adult stem cells derived from pediatric or adult donors and it is found in many kinds of tissues and also in bone marrow, skin, and the liver. Number two, embryo germ cell stem cells (EG Cells) that are derived from that of an aborted fetus and finally number three, the embryonic stem cells (ES Cells) derived from pre-implanted or spontaneously aborted embryos.
It is clear that the research of embryo germ cell stem cells (EG cells) and embryonic stem cells (ES cells) are one of the most controversial, widely discussed medical issues in the United States today. The medical use of stem cell research raises difficult moral and political questions for many people, but many of these research areas have emerged for the soul purpose of discovering the ways for the remedy of diseases. The first of these sources of stem cells poses no special ethical problems for…

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