The Basic Concepts Of The Life Course Perspective Essay example

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What are the basic concepts of the life-course perspective?
Cohort, transition, trajectory, life events, and turning points are the basic concepts of the life-course perspective. “Cohort is a group of persons who were born during the same time period and experience particular social changes within a given culture in the same sequence and at the same age” (Hutchison 2015). For example, I am generation X – born between 1965 and 1979. My husband is a baby boomer born between 1946 and 1964. When I start school in Brewton, Alabama they were intergraded, when my husband started school in Brewton, Alabama they were segregated. “Transition is change in roles and statuses that represents a distinct departure from prior roles and statuses” (Hutchison 2015). Getting married at age 44 was a major transition for me. I became an instant stepmother and grandmother. Being a mother and grandmother was not a role I saw when I dreamed of my future. “Trajectory is long-term pattern of stability and change, which usually involves multiple transitions” (Hutchison 2015). My marriage is transition that rooted in trajectory. I had to relocate from Alabama to Louisiana, where I lived 45 years. I had to resign from a job I had worked for 13 years and start working at a new hospital. Now I have to maintain social work licenses in Alabama and Louisiana. “Life event is significant occurrence involving a relatively abrupt change that may produce serious and long-lasting effects” (Hutchison…

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