The Barring-Gaffner Of Bluebeard By Kurt Vonnerabia

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Trout moves to West Virginia indicating the destruction of the planet. West Virginia is a symbol of the total desiccations of the land which has been collapsing into holes. It represents the future of the whole earth which is to be destroyed. The following lines indicate the descriptions of humans as machines by Kurt Vonnegut. He adds, “…they went around and around. Nobody smiled. They just went around and around” (124). Many people act as per the instruction in the automated mechanical world..
Kilgore Trout starts another story to the truck driver about another planet by narrating how the earth could be destroyed. The name of the planet is The Barring-gaffner of Bagnialtoand the name of the story is This Year’s Masterpiece. The hero
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When a boy plays football, it looks like a war. Two opposing teams fight for the ball and they look like soldiers. “Person stopped living up to expectations, because of bad chemicals or one thing or another, everybody went to imagining that the person was living up to expectations anyway” (146).
RaboKarabekian, is the main character in another novel called Bluebeard or The Autobiography of RaboKarabekian. He is the painter in Breakfast of Champions. His painting consists of a plain canvas with a single vertical stripe which represents, the unwavering band of light that is the unique individual core of each person. While Karabekian is dismissed in the novel as a vain, weak and trashy man, he nevertheless provides the affirmation that breaks the narrator out of his bleak view of a mechanistic world in which people are really no more than robots.
Dwayne does not know the famous persons Beatrice Keedsler, Gothic novelist, and RaboKarabekian, the minimal painter. Both of them come for the Midland Arts festival and describe how accident is happening in the road side. When Kilgore Trout sees how the Queen of the Prairies milk truck is met with an accident. The condition of the passengers is critical as there is heavy blood loss. Milk and blood are about to be added to the compassion of the stinking of the ping-pong balls which is lying the Scared Miracle

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