The Barriers Of Students On College Students Essay

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In college, students often faced many barriers that prevent them from being successful and do well in school. These barriers cause student to lose focus and lost track of their priorities such as finishing assignments on time and study for upcoming exams. A common barrier that student often face is negative thoughts. Student often give up easily before even trying. For example, students have to a physic class as a requirement to graduate. Due to all the math and intense problem solving, students would gave in already, without knowing what they are capable to do or know if they will succeed or not. Instead of attempting to do the work and have a positive mind, the student already gave up. Therefore, having a negative mind can lead to procrastination and failure.
Another common barrier that students in college face is studying alone. Studying with no other help from friends or professors can be very frustrating because when student get stuck, they won’ be able to seek any help from others. Although there are resources such as the internet and books, studying with friends might be a better option. A solution that can break through this barrier can be meeting up with friends and forming study group. Studying with more people is better than studying alone because students can exchange ideas and make each other stronger. Not only that, it can also help students to understand what they are studying and help student to be productive and get the studying done faster.
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