The Barriers Of Health Care Essay

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Achieving the American dream has been a norm for people living in the united states for decades. The American dream can vary depending on every individual because regardless of color, race or gender, many still hold dreams and goals. The American dream evolves and changes by the fact that many are affected by lack of health care access, unstable housing, economic disparity, and many other factors. Though achieving the American dream is challenging, it is in minds of all Americans daily and many are working towards obtaining that goal. Even though the city of Aurora has a variety of health services like hospitals and health clinics, many Aurora residents face obstacles when accessing their basic health care needs. For the purpose of this paper, I will analyze the barriers of health care that residents of North west aurora face and how this problem contributes to the American dream. When we talk about the “American dream” many imagine it as owning a home or property, having access to health care, earning a college degree, freedom, becoming successful and having opportunities in this country. Others do not believe in the American dream anymore because there is unemployment, poverty rates, costs of living, food, health and economic insecurity are increasing. However, every individual has their own opinion about what the American dream means to them. As I was searching for equity issues related to the community of Colfax in Aurora, in a particular area, I found that lack…

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