The Barriers Of Critical Thinking In Student Education

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Imagine a college professor providing his students with a broad, abstract question and leaving the students to develop a solution based on the provided question. Those students may find it difficult to develop an appropriate solution as they only view the general aspects of the abstract question. In order to develop a sound solution, these students must employ a different kind of thinking; the kind of thinking that requires a different set of eyes, not in a literal sense, and a different frame of mind. This kind of thinking is known as critical thinking. Critical thinking is the ability to analyze a given situation and to make sound judgments and conclusions based on the given evidence and personal experiences.
Critical thinking is considered one of the many skills necessary to master because of how useful it for many adults and students. The majority of critical thinking development occurs throughout a student’s education as many teachers and college professors prioritize the teaching of critical thinking upon their students. Many teachers and college professors are actively trying to incorporate critical thinking into their curriculum so that student will be able to foster better critical thinking skills. In
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Since the majority of a student’s critical thinking is developed during a student’s education, much of a student’s critical thinking development revolves around the ability of the teacher to effectively implement critical thinking into the curriculum and teach the students about critical thinking. Mohammad Aliakbari and Akram Sadeghdaghighi discuss how teachers and college professors impede critical thinking development in their article “Teachers ' perception of the barriers to critical

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