The Barrier Of Ignorance And Ignorance Essay

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Innocence is defined as a lack of experience with the world and with the bad things that happen in life; it is a barrier between truth and ignorant purity. Although innocence is irrefutably granted to every human being upon birth, its duration varies because it is fragile and there is no telling what or when life will throw a Bomb of Truth at the barrier and destroy it. The Barrier of Ignorance can be shattered by anything that contradicts a childish belief. It can be shattered by something as large-scale as poverty or as insignificant as finding out that Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

When I was first told that Santa Claus didn’t exist, it was the Christmas Eve of 2007. I was eight-years old. Of course, I didn’t believe my brother when he told me this. Santa was practically a real-life representation of the concept of kindness. He gave presents without asking for anything in return (besides a glass of milk and a few cookies, but even that was optional) and he was always jolly and joyful. Santa was too fascinating and wonderful to not exist, so I wasn’t just going to take the word of my brother, a boy who I believed to be placed on this planet with the single purpose of spiting me, and stop believing in one of my greatest inspirational figures.

Although I had a firm belief that my brother was a compulsive liar and only told me of Santa Claus’s nonexistence simply to watch my pride and joy shrivel up into nothingness, I couldn’t resist my childlike curiosity. That…

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