Essay about The Baroque Music Of Music

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Baroque music, which started around the 1600s, was the start of great growth in the composition timeline. In this period, composers like Bach and Purcell dominate and bring forth new forms like ritornello and fugue. Romantic music, starting in the 1800s, goes into a thematic transformation. Composers like Chopin and Schubert are popular during this time, and new forms such as cyclic and strophic arise. The Baroque music period focused mainly on the idea of tonality. Composers began to use new instrumentation techniques and established such genres as opera, oratorio, concerto and sonata. Polyphony was the most popular texture, and the chromatic scale was used. The harpsichord was the dominating instrument of the time, and basso continuo was utilized as well as monody. In contrast, the Romantic period in music was a time where there was experimentation with program music to bring about an intense feeling to their listeners. Very often the use of nature imagery or even violence was found in pieces of art. The piano became a dominating instrument of this time, becoming able to play seven and a half octaves. He ideé fixe, or a fixed idea, was also important in pieces like Symphonie fantastique. These particular dominating factors of each period bring forward types of music, which in turn created new methods, and techniques that can still be found in music today. Antonio Vivaldi was born in 1678, and was an Italian Baroque composer, while also being a virtuoso violinist,…

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