The Baroque Era Of The Renaissance Era Essay

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The Baroque Era was an era of great logic, when artists became very open minded and more imaginative than ever before, showing great differences in that of the art during the Renaissance era. The Baroque era was during a time that gave off a powerful and inspiring style that was full of strikingly bold concepts and overall dramatic quality. From northern to southern Italy, the roads of Baroque art were dispersed in all directions. Although Baroque art has many different artistic techniques, the ones to point out specifically are Gian Lorenzo Bernini and his sculptor of the Ecstasy of Saint Teresa, and then of course Caravaggio and his incredible painting of The Crucifixion of Saint Peter. The individuality of each style of these artists in the Baroque era is extremely distinctive, yet very similar in their own exclusive approaches.
Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini was a very talented artist, he was born in 1598 in Naples, Italy and died in 1680, at the age of 82 (Wikipedia, 2016). However, Bernini’s career developed almost entirely in Rome. His father, who was also his teacher, was a talented sculptor. Bernini was able to surpass his father in all his skills and knowledge of sculpting. As Bernini grew up in Rome he was also able to grow and admire the most popular works of ancient and modern artists, along with remains of ancient architecture (Wikipedia, 2016). From this opportunity, it made life easy for Bernini to closely study the great works of artists such as Michelangelo and…

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