Essay The Baroque Era Of Early Music

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The Baroque era was an important time in the construction of early music. Between the years of 1600 and 1750, musical composers were concerned with the effect that music could have on the interpretation of language, this lead into the creation of opera. Before the Baroque era, music was mainly produced with only an instrumental sound. This was the time when fresh categories of music were being introduced and the critiquing of existing techniques occurred (Forney 102). This time period brought about an era of change and exploration (Forney 103). During the progression of the Baroque era, new aspects of music were being experimented with and discovered. A paramount feature of this time was the deviation from a musical texture with many contrasting pieces to a texture with only one distinct melody (Forney 104). Virtuosity, an extraordinary ability, was a major component of the Baroque era. The virtuoso composer was one that possessed an exceptional talent in the ability to compose and perform music. Composers were now able to create more complicated and advanced musical pieces (Forney 106). The Baroque era was also noted for giving women a small amount of musical opportunity. Unfortunately with the female composition of music, the women were also questioned and discriminated against (Forney 108). Women joined the church as way to expand their musical creativity. People would travel to be able to hear nuns sing in convents, the St. Radegonda was especially popular (Forney…

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