The Barista Serving The Drinks Essay

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On a fine sunny weekend day, sitting comfortably in a coffee shop and observing the employees were executing their activities autonomically , a barista making his coffee for the customers, a cashier swiftly working on the till, a manager ensuring the satisfaction of their customers. I overheard a conversation where two gentlemen where in a discussion over labor practices in Canada. Exemplifying the barista serving the drinks. The barista stood there for hours with a smile and accepting all instructions, complements even bitter words of annoyed customers and their manager. Serving all sorts of people from varying classes and their associated powers, I started to think where do I belong in this picture and if it was one I had witnessed prior to this. Reflecting on various places I had worked at and volunteered, the different supervisors I had responded to and customers I had encountered in my work career. Work is a term thats used in every conversation discussing about working places, type of work and working conditions that we all encounter in our working careers. , the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines work to be “a job or activity that you do regularly especially in order to earn money” (Merriam-Webster). In this reflective paper, I shall critically examine and evaluate the essence of volunteering with respect to personal experiences along the themes that are present in modern working societies.
In current world societies and sectors, persistent questions are raised about…

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