The Bank Hsbc Bank Of The World 's Leading And Internationally Reputed Bank

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The bank HSBC aims to be one of the world’s leading and internationally reputed bank. It strives continuously to connect its customers to the opportunities they desire and helps them fulfil their targets and goals. HSBC bank owns a total of 7,500 branches across the globe spanning over 80 different countries. It is one of the major clearing banks within the U.K. having its headquarters located in London and a total of 1,800 branches across the U.K. HSBC has divided the banking facilities into four major segments namely the retail banking and Wealth management (RBWM), Commercial banking (CMB), Global banking and Markets (GB&M) and Global private banking (GPB) which are further subdivided. It has been reported that HSBC holds a lot of deposit that is one of the key feature which makes it more reliable and safe than any other banks, thereby attracting a lot of investors and customers. It has been noticed that during the financial crisis HSBC unlike other banks was able to fund its own operations and has contributed towards company’s share price maintaining value at the times of credit crunch. HSBC within the U.K. also has some competitors such as Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Barclays, Lloyds and Santander providing the best facilities in order to attract the customers. The current essay deals with the auditing of HSBC for the financial year 2013-2014 and tries to enumerate a few key areas that could be of potential risk while performing audit procedure. The key…

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