The Band Of The Beatles Essay

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The Beatles bade their affiliated careers goodbye with the releasing of the album and single “Let It Be” in 1970, shortly following the announcement of the dissolution of the group. For many, the song, “Let It Be”, not only represents keeping hope through difficult times but additionally symbolizes the four members moving on from the group. The mixture of the instrumental and vocal makeup of “Let It Be” formulates to constitute a gospel ambience. With context in mind, the meaning of the song has different interpretations. While during the early 1970’s listeners connected the song more so with the breakup of the Beatles, present day listeners interpret the song as a more generalized idea of staying positive through hard times. As far as instrumentation goes, the song has a notably gospel sound to it. The presence of an organ, piano, and the occasional harmonizing back-up voices gives the sensation that you are listening to a church choir perform. The tempo of the versus start slow but raise as they meet the chorus. (Chorus following verse four) Paul’s single voice goes through the lyrics of the song with sporadic vocal harmonies to back him up. The song opens surrounding repeated piano chords and adds in the other classic instruments used by the Beatles, such as the guitar, base, and drums. With the introduction of the chorus, instruments from all angles seem to be added in. (Chorus following verse 4; Time: 1:31) Trumpets, trombones, cellos, and a sax greet the song with a…

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